Nutrition and Your Brain

Food is the major source of information that operates our body- starting at a cellular level and ultimately creating system wide functionality. Both food and water are essential life forces. Diet is an obvious place to start when we want to create change within. There is a connection between the food you eat and your body and brain's biochemistry. Doesn't it make sense that dietary change would be the most impactful means of affecting our microbiome, gut-brain signaling, hormone regulation, and inflammation?


We will delve deep into nutrition as it relates to you, your symptoms, and your recovery; by getting to the root cause, initiating repair, replenishing deficiencies, and therefore returning the body back to a state of homeostasis. Much of our attention will focus on the  gut-brain connection. Mindful Nutrition for Life is here to help you analyze your current nutritional status in relation to your current symptoms, health, and goals. The first step will be to conduct a personalized thorough diet and nutrition analysis, and potential recommendations for lab testing. Based on the results from the lab tests, information gained from your intake form, and completed diet analysis, a custom plan will be designed specifically for you, your needs, and goals.

Lifestyle Medicine


You might be wondering why I am not calling it Lifestyle changes or modifications? All of our bodily functions have systematic interconnectedness in order to run efficiently. While I view food as medicine for the body, I hold lifestyle medicine in high regard as well. In other words, it is required for optimal health. Lifestyle medicine is a required biological necessity helping regulate all bodily systems. Any imbalances can set off a cascade of symptoms.


It is my feeling that once you go through my program you will view not only nutrition differently, but 'lifestyle medicine' as well. Neither will seem like a task, chore, or a drudgery.  Your body's innate needs will come shinning through if you listen - and once you are connected you will actually enjoy the call- even crave it!


So what is in the Lifestyle Medicine Cabinet?

Sleep | Hygiene  |  Physical Movement  |  Sunshine  |  Stress Reduction

We all have our own bio-individuality as well as personal tastes- lifestyle medicine should be crafted to fit you.

Cleaning Time

Environmental Detox

Our skin is our largest organ and should be treated with the same respect as we do the rest of our body.  It's our first line of defense, yet we give very little regard to what we are putting on it.  We  put thought into what goes into our bodies, but how often do we truly stop and consider the effect  hygiene, daily household products, and other environmental factors have  on our health? Stop and think of the countless products we use and come into contact daily?

I think it safe to say that for most of us, we have never really given any thought that the personal and household products we are using could cause harm. That manufactures are not required to do any testing.

Modern day environmental toxins create an overload on our detoxification systems as well as creates an inflammatory response that is directly connected to our mental health and ability to heal and recover. ​


Signs of Toxin Overload

Inflammation | Brain Fog | Memory Problems | Depression and Anxiety | Fatigue  | Obesity | Infertility | Chronic Pain | Estrogen Dominance | Hormone Imbalances | Immune Dysfunction

Many of the toxins we are exposed to we cannot control; but, the good news is that self-care products are our largest exposure and Mindful Nutrition for Life can help you reduce, eliminate, and find healthy alternatives that work for you. Yet another means to reclaiming your body, mind, and your life!