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What Mindful Nutrition for Life
Program is right for me?

Mindful Nutrition for Life provides well thought out individualized programs and services based on your unique bio-individual needs, backed by science based evidence, objective testing, and caring support and guidance. Oh and did I mention RESULTS!

Have you thought or asked yourself?

  • I want to become the best version of myself both physically and mentally.

  • Seems like I've tried everything for my depression, mood swings, or other mental conditions.

  • Will healing my gut help me mentally?

  • How do I stop these cravings?

  • I can't sleep! HELP!

  • I wish there was a individualized program that addressed my bio-chemical needs to compliment and strengthen my other therapy modalities and tools. 

Do you have the following symptoms?

Depression | Anxiety | Lack of energy/motivation | Cravings (food or other substances) | Insomnia | Brain fog | Irritability | Mood instability/swings | Fatigue | Digestive issues | Poor concentration | ADD/ADHD | Anger management | Weight gain | Hyperactivity | Obsessive thoughts | Panic attacks | Overwhelmed | Unmotivated | Stressed

Optimal Wellness & Mental Fitness 8 Week Reboot Camp is for you

Are you currently in rehab for substance abuse or have recently transitioned back to everyday life?

  • Would you like a program that will create an individual recovery journey based on where you're at?

  • Are you looking for a program that addresses the  bio-chemical and nutrient aspect of recovery?

  • Do you wonder what it would be like to have control back of your thoughts and behaviors, emotional wellbeing, and moods?

  • Would you like to strengthen your relapse prevention?

Nutrition Therapy for Addiction Recovery is for you

Is GI-testing right for me?

  • Are you looking to optimize your digestion, immune response, and  address inflammation?

  • Does quantifiable and measurable results give understanding to recommended protocol?

Healing starts in the gut: GI-testing is for you

Do you ever wish?

I wasn't so depressed all the time
I didn't suffer from panic attacks

I could control my anger and moods

I slept better

I didn't have cravings

I didn't have a history of chronic pain

I could relax

I didn't have cognitive issues  

I wasn't stressed/burned out

I had more energy

I didn't struggle with ADD/ADHD

My brain was more in balance

Have you ever thought . . . .

without mental fitness what is the relevance of your physical fitness?

If brining your thoughts, moods, and behaviors back into balance:

Amino Acid Therapy is for you

Do you wonder what your dietary intake looks like?

What your nutritional strengths and deficiencies are?

What foods and dietary habits could improve your deficiencies?

Would you like to learn more about how lifestyle medicine can improve your health and wellbeing?

Diet & Lifestyle Analysis is for you

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