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Nutrition Therapy for Addiction Recovery:
8 Week Reset Camp

Individualized program created to replenish nutrient deficiencies  and brain imbalances  through gut healing, amino acid therapy, customized diet, and implementation of lifestyle choices that will aide in your recovery, relapse prevention, optimal health, and future success.


Depression | Mood Stabilization | Fatigue

ADD/ADHD |Insomnia | Weight Gain

Cravings (food or other substances)​ | Anxiety

Memory | Brain Fog | Irritability


Why would nutrition therapy be important in addiction recovery? Most persons with addiction  suffer from nutrient deficiency which can impact their physical and psychological health. Addiction and substance abuse strips the body of vitamins and minerals, can create deficiencies in amino acids, disrupt brain function, negatively affect carbohydrate function, throws off the microbiome and damages the gut. Because of the importance of all of the essential nutrients and systems listed above the biochemical effect of malnutrition can hinder recovery. Most treatment modalities don't offer nutrition assistance or individualized nutrition therapy.


Mindful Nutrition for Life will guide you through an 8 week nutrition therapy and lifestyle program to help repair and replenish the negative effects of substance abuse, working to bring back the mind and body to a state of balance and support recovery. Together we will incorporate your customized plan working alongside your other treatments to make the most optimal outcome for your health, recovery, and success.

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What to expect with Nutritional Therapy for Addiction Recovery: 8 Week Reset Camp



You will be asked to complete a 7-day food diary that will be used for your diet analysis. This information will serve as a road map for any dietary modifications and healing protocol. Additionally, you will complete an eleven page intake form that will provide health history, dietary habits, lifestyle, and goals to further serve in your healing protocol.


The Diet Analysis will supply nutritional strengths and deficiencies that will aid in dietary modifications and enhanced healing protocol. Lifestyle modifications will systematically help regulate imbalances required for optimal health and healing.


Actionable data for systemic results.



Your health and healing truly begins with the gut and objective data makes for better outcomes. Gut health allows for optimal nutrient absorption and strengthened immunity.


The GI-MAP test is a DNA stool test that tests for pathogens and imbalances. The MRT is a blood drawn food sensitivity test that determines the foods that are creating inflammation and therefore are removed temporarily in order to design, implement, and eradicate a gut healing protocol. Both tests are required for optimal results.


Mindful Nutrition for Life will order and manage all testing. The MRT will require you to go to a designated blood draw facility. Thorough and detailed testing instructions will be given with both tests. 


Results driven testing results in results driven change.



If your brain driven neurotransmitters are in balance, so are you. Depleted neurotransmitters lead to symptoms such as depression, apathy, anxiety, lack of focus, poor sleep, addictive behaviors, and relapse. Amino Acid Therapy is designed to rebuild that balance. We will begin with trialing amino acids based on your amino acid chart results. Amino acid testing and trialing will continue throughout the program in order to gauge and maintain brain balance. Amino Acid Therapy alone is a crucial wellness piece, but combined will reinforce the your thinking, behavior, and recovery.  

A balanced brain equals balanced body functioning. 



You will receive an individualized 8 Week Nutrition Therapy for Addiction customized plan based on the outcomes of your personal analysis, tests (GI testing & amino acid chart), goals, and current health status. Your personalized program will move at a progressive pace that is comfortable for you and sets you up for success. We will connect each week to evaluate, support, and continually set new weekly goals. Every week you will receive your personalized weekly meal and lifestyle plans, coaching, and accountability markers, plus gain tips, recipes, and other bonuses.


Results driven, simple to follow, backed with accountability and support.



After the completion of the customized Nutrition Therapy for Addiction Recovery Reset Camp one of the many results you may receive are improved health, healthier gut and digestion, stronger immunity, enhanced mood, more energy, better sleep, increased motivation, strengthened brain clarity, increased motivation, improved nutritional status, enhanced memory and cognition, reduced and/or eliminated cravings, empowered lifestyle, and reduced and/or alleviated feelings of anxiety and depression. 


You will walk away with a results driven customized 8 week program based on test results, evidence based data, simple to follow weekly plans, and support and accountability that will heal and serve as a blueprint to carry you towards your recovery goals. Not to mention meal plans, recipes, and tools that will serve as your very own roadmap to move you forward in your journey.

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I Can Help!

If you’re ready for a support and results driven program that will empower you towards successful addiction recovery and relapse prevention I'd love to help you in your journey!

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