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GI-Map & MRT 

Your overall health and healing truly begins with the gut and objective data makes for better outcomes. Gut health allows for optimal nutrient absorption and strengthened immunity.

What to expect in GI-Testing:



The GI-MAP test is a DNA stool test that tests for pathogens and imbalances. The MRT is a blood drawn food sensitivity test that determines the foods that are creating inflammation and therefore are then removed temporarily in order to design, implement, and eradicate a gut healing protocol. Both tests are required for optimal results. 


Mindful Nutrition for Life will order and manage all testing. The MRT will require you to go to a designated blood draw facility. Thorough and detailed testing instructions will be given with both tests. 


Results driven testing results in results driven change.



Test - Don’t Guess


Laboratory test results give actionable data that allows for a results driven protocol of healing the gut and the symptoms that correspond.


During your 90 minute session we will thoroughly go over your test results including itemizing all markers and results, how it relates to your symptoms and goals, as well as a detailed healing and supplementation protocol.

  • Complete itemized report on results and markers

  • Copy of test results

  • Correlation analysis to symptoms

  • Healing and supplementation protocol

  • 90 Minute Consultation

Wild Berries

Don't Guess

Objective data makes for results driven protocol. Start healing your gut, alleviate symptoms, and improving your health. I can help!

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