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Diet & Lifestyle Analysis

Comprehensive diet and lifestyle analysis that will outline your current nutritional status and lifestyle affects. Supplying you with recommendations and suggestions to optimize your health and wellbeing.

What to expect from a

Diet & Lifestyle Analysis:

You will be asked to complete a 7-day food diary that will be used for your diet analysis. This analysis allows you to see what nutrients your body is lacking, where you are doing well, and where any imbalances might be. This information will serve as a road map for any dietary modifications and supplemental recommendations. Additionally, you will complete an eleven page intake form that will provide health history, dietary habits, lifestyle, and goals to further serve in recommendations and adjustments for reaching your desired results and health outcomes.


The Diet Analysis will supply nutritional strengths and deficiencies that will aid in dietary modifications and enhanced healing protocol. Lifestyle modifications will systematically help regulate imbalances required for optimal health and healing.


Actionable data for systemic results.



Would you take a trip without a map or your GPS?


During your 90 minute session we will thoroughly go over your Diet & Lifestyle Analysis, including itemizing all nutritional levels and lifestyle outcomes, how it relates to your symptoms, goals, and the potential for positive results.


  • Complete Diet Analysis report

  • Comprehensive Wellness Assessment

  • Recommendations & Suggested Strategies

  • 90 Minute Consultation


To discover is to grow. 
Let me help!

Discover your current dietary and lifestyle strengths and deficiencies to use as a road map for optimizing your health.

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