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Do you feel broken? Do you feel sick? That you were born with 'problems' that cannot be fixed? Told that your chemistry was off - imbalanced? Feel alone - with no way out? Tired of struggling?


My hope is that if you are here, you have come to a place in your journey where you want to take control back of your life  - to discover or rediscover the real you - born from the depths of your current struggles - that you have reached a desire to uncover your true self and what you are born to do - that you will find peace within, and a purpose driven life.


Mindful Nutrition for Life takes the approach that the mind and the body are not separate. That our amazing bodies have the power to heal when properly supported. That many of the symptoms of mental health disorders are our body's way of communicating that something within our biological ecology is off. Simply, physical symptoms can mimic psychological symptoms:

Depression | Mood Swings | Fatigue | Anxiety | Memory | Brain Fog | Irritability | Restlessness


Wellness Analysis

Comprehensive Diet & Lifestyle Analysis

Your journey to optimal wellness begins here. During our 90 minutes we will throughly go over the intake form and  5-day food diary that you will have filled out and submitted prior to your consultation. The intake form will provide valuable information on your current nutrition, lifestyle, health status, goals, and plan moving forward. The 5-day food diary will allow me to analyze your current nutritional status. Together we will throughly go over this information, allowing for further questions, make assessment on your current status, how it relates to your goals, and the potential for positive outcomes. This is such a great first step to gather information. You will take away areas of change required to reclaim your mental and physical health, and reach YOUR desired goals!

  • Complete Diet Analysis

  • Wellness Assessment 

  • Recommendations based off your goals & results

  • Plan options 


30 Day Reboot Camp

Reboot, Reset, Regenerate

The 30-Day Reboot Camp is the stepping stone for change, growth, and your new future of optimal health both physically, emotionally, and mentally. You will begin your journey by completing the comprehensive intake form which will help set the stage for your individual program design - including completing and turning in a 5-day food diary. This information will give us the road map of where to begin. First, we will sit down and go over your intake form and your completed comprehensive nutrition analysis; here we will ask questions, discuss assessment and evaluation, and present a 30-day plan. There is never a one-size-fits-all and your plan will be designed specifically for you with you and your goals in mind. For the next 30 days, we will work closely together on successfully implementing an individualized nutrition program that meets your goals, initiate any lab work that will assist us in getting to the root of your symptoms, recommend any supplements, and set into motion a realistic lifestyle plan - including but not limited to sleep, stress, movement, community, and partnering with your other mental health practitioners. At minimum we will connect weekly to discuss how you are doing and coach you along your journey.

  • Complete Diet Analysis

  • Wellness Assessment

  • Lab work recommendations

  • Comprehensive 4 week individualized diet & lifestyle plan

  • Weekly coaching sessions


​It takes looking at the whole body when addressing mental health:

  • The Role of Inflammation in Depression

  • The Role of the Gut in Brain Health

  • Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies and Depression

  • Essential Fats and Amino Acids in Depression

  • Hormone Regulation

  • Hypothalamus - Pituitary - Adrenal Axis (HPA Axis)

  • Immune System

  • Toxic Overload (internal and external)

​Together we will take a holistic approach that includes nutrition, supplementation (if required,) support, stress reduction, and mind-body management; working separately or in conjunction with other medical support, counseling, and therapy to reclaim your body, mind, and spirit.


We live in a world that makes it challenging to be healthy; but no time has ever been more important than now to return to a diet and lifestyle of our biological design. Once you make the commitment and submit to self-care you can achieve balance mentally and physically.


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