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Mindful Nutrition for Life specializes Customized Wellness Solutions:

Stabilizing your moods, curb cravings, gut healing, repair nutrient deficiencies, amino acid therapy, as well as aiding in addiction recovery &  relapse prevention.

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Your Customized Wellness Solution Begins Here

Do you feel something is off, but not sure what it is?

That you were born with 'problems' that canot be fixed?

Told that your chemistry was off-imbalanced?

Troubles sleeping?

Been in and out of rehab?

Each 8 Week Service is Personalized & Offers:


  • 1.1 virtual or in person sessions

  • Complete diet analysis to determine current nutritional status in relation to your current symptoms, health, recovery, and goals

  • Thorough assessment of completed intake form in relation to your current symptoms, health, recovery, and goals

  • Comprehensive GI testing & Food Sensitivity testing

  • Amino Acid Therapy

  • Personalized 8 week Diet & Lifestyle Plan (developed and integrated based on an individualized progressive model) - including meal plans & grocery shopping lists 

  • Supplement recommendations 

  • Weekly coachingaccountability

  • Ongoing maintenance sessions available - including meal plans

All other personalized offerings vary depending on the service.

  1. Weekly goals

  2. Meal Plans

  3. Grocery list

  4. Lifestyle medicine

  5. Coaching session

  6. Bonus - recipes, kitchen tips and useful lists & tools

Each weekly plan includes:

Mindful Nutrition for Life logo
Mindful Nutrition for Life logo

Want to learn more?

Want to know how I can help or want to hear more about the services offered?

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